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I just ordered a 5 piece kit of bee bald products.  The kit contains: shave cream, scrub(exfolient), head cleanser, healing balm and smooth head moisturizer.  I'm sure it'll work out fine because I use stuff like this anyway but now I'm getting it all in one package and I do like the Bee Bald line I just wish the smaller tubes were bigger and they are a bit pricey but how can I put a price on perfection.  I also ordered about 200 Dorco ST-301 blades so I'll be good for awhile.  Well, this is a hobby of mine and if this stuff works gook like I expect, I'll be buying more in the future. O0

That should be a winning combination for your shaving.

I've been using all of them for a few days now.  I have no complaints so far. 
Clean I really like and the
Shave cream is pretty much like other things I've tried.   
Heal is like an invisable bandaid.  I only used it  once and I put a dab on small nick I had.  I don't know what else to say about that. 
Smooth is a good moisturizer but only used it twice. 

I haven't tried the Exfolient yet because the Clean does a good job.

My only only complaint is that this stuff is so expensive!  Well, it is a high end product but a little goes a long way.  The herbal smell of the stuff is really nice.  Oh, and I should mention the tingling sensation I get on my head when I use them.

So would I buy these again?  Sure, why not.  I won't buy the Heal again because the one I have will last for years or until it dries up(I don't make nicking myself part of my daily shaving routine).


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