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Am I alone here?

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I haven't seen a single post here for a couple of days and I'm feeling like I'm the only one here much like an empty room so what's going on?  Comon guy!  Tell me what's going on!

Yes, Clint, it has been much quieter around here in the last year. Not sure why.

The board is much less active now for some reason.

You are not alone my friend

I can't even guess but this place used to be packed so much I couldn't even keep up!  Even now, I'm developing new ways of shaving.  I'm sure the new members that are new to shaving could use this information.  I hope this place doesn't go by the wayside. :(  Well, If you guys keep posting, I'll keep responding.  Maybe I'll start new threads because the response I got on this one is wonderful!  I'll aim for a new thread every day.  Maybe that will help.


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