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New ink?


 Has anyone out there gotten any new ink lately?  I haven’t seen any postings on the board.

 Do any of you guys have any ink on your head or the back of the neck around the head .

I do not.  How about you @Semi-Sly ?  You were working toward a full body tattoo as I recall.  Do you have plans to cover your head as well?

 Well I never had plans for a total bodysuit just the entire torso and shorts area but that has come to a screeching halt due to Covid and money and health .

 I look at guys with tattoos on the back of their neck and even some on the back of the scalp and think it looks cool but I’m not sure I would want to mark up a perfectly clean scalp I just wondered how you guys thought about that.   I guess I wonder if for the rest of you guys it is the look of the perfectly clean scalp with a feeling of the perfectly clean scalp that is the most important thing to you and if you would ever want to decorate any part of your neck or scalP?


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