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wahl #0 vs precission 0.5mm

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Hello, I was wondering the difference between a 0.5mm cut from a precision beard trimmer to a #0 from a hair clipper? I am looking to replace an old beard trimmer which actually shaves my head shorter than a #0 from a wahl clipper. I had a philips QT4022/32 beard trimmer which had a 0.5 blade but it shaved a lot closer than my standard wahl clipper set to 0 no guard

What would be the reasoning for this?

A #0 does not actually mean 0.  I know clipper blades also come in #00 and #000, which are closer than 0.  Buy I am not sure to what length those designations mean.

I did a little research and discovered that a #0 blade is 1.5 mm (1/16 inch), and a #000 is 0.5 mm.  From that I assume a #00 is 1 mm.

I also found that you can get the following Andis brand clipper blades, but it appears theas are not standard as other brands are different:

#0000 is 1/100 inch (0.3mm)

#00000 is 1/125 inch (0.2mm)

Good work Slybeard .  If shortness is most desirable, why not use a regular razor or cartridge.
Using a beard shaver on your head has to be time consuming.

I have a 0000 blade for my Oster clippers. It trims down to a 2 or 3 day growth. I use it if, for some reason, I haven't shaved for 5 or more days. Perfect for prepping for a razor shave.


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