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Do you keep track of how many times you use each edge?

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Hey all!

I'm just barely getting into DE shaving for my head, and one thing that perplexes me is the lifespan of a single DE blade. Whenever someone gives their opinion on how many shaves a specific blade gets you, they always say something like "3-4 uses". No one ever seems to address the fact that there are 2 edges on each blade. When people say a blade can be used "3-4 times", do they mean per edge of the blade, or just in general?

And if it is per edge, how do you guys keep track of which edge you're using? Do you pick which edge you're going to use for that shave, and then make an effort not to flip the razor over while you're shaving?

Or do you guys not keep track of shaves-per-side, and simply flip to the other side if you feel like you aren't getting a good shave?

I feel like I may be missing something because in every shaving tutorial I've ever watched, no one has mentioned anything about this, so apologies if this is a ridiculous question!


It's a good question. When I use my DE, I fuse both sides of the blade and I only use a blade for one shave. BBC here,so I have to do my whole head and usually do my face too. The blades are only 10 cents, so it's cheap.

I use a DE for face shaving only. I tend to keep a count on use , Both sides I use indiscriminately. So no I don’t count by sides. My picture is a few years ago , no beard at this time.

Thanks for the responses. Sounds like it's a bit different for everyone. I'm sure I'll figure out what works for me the more I shave. Only done it twice so far with the stock blades that came with the safety razor, and will be trying some new blades soon.

Online you can order , sample packs of DE blades . Check it out , and you can’t beat the price.  O0


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