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30 day trial becomes 42 and counting

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Lockdown does some strange things. I was conscious for a while of working towards completing my first 30 day trial .  But then I rather forgot where I was up to.  So it's now already 42 days and counting.  Of course, the losing the track of time may have nothing to do with lockdown, but just be that I'm pretty used to being a bald guy now and liking it too.

As many on here know, I've shaved my head two or three times in the past but never kept it for long.  Somehow, I just didn't have the confidence to keep it (despite so much support on here). Already, after a month and a half, I really don't know what I was worried about.  Yes, I've had one or two negative comments (or rather silly cueball and egg head references from family and friends etc).  But after just a short time, no one really says anything. I've been purposefully very public about my new shaved head on Facebook etc - so everyone knows even if they haven't seen me in person. And I've taken on a new job without any issues (I don't know why now I ever thought there would be... The mind does weird things).

So thanks again for your support.  What do I like about being sly? As Reddog posted, it feels really great when freshly shaved and I don't miss my hair.  Occasionally, I wonder whether being shaved is my best look.  But most of the time I like how it looks.  It's clean, smart and hassle free. 

My only slight frustration is having to shave so often to stay smooth.  It's incredible how quickly hair grows.  To be honest, this is not really a major issue.  I don't mind shaving daily.  But it is a time commitment.  I am getting quicker too with a decent routine (shave oil plus Cremo cream, Gillette Fusion Proglide or Omni Shaver - although the OmniShaver always requires touch ups with the Gillette).

Recent photos attached. What do you all think? 


Wow! You look awesome with a shaved head, it's a great look for you.

Yes, I know what you mean about questioning if bald is your best look. I can still grow a nearly full head of silver hair, but it would take 6 months to get enough length to look good. I've tried a dozen times, but after a few weeks, I miss my baldie haircut!

For you new shavers, what's cool is that people you don't know, don't know you any other way except shaved bald. Also, when I first started shaving, I would shower and shave my head BBS and get a nice shine on it, then had to go out somewhere to show it off. It didn't take long to get hooked on the baldie haircut.

Day 39 here! Congrats. You do an awesome shaving job, much less shadow than I have.

Thanks reddog, I'm pretty hooked already.  I can't imagine going back to having hair now.  I'm working on perfecting the smooth shave, and getting a shine.  Your earlier witch hazel tip was really helpful - thanks again for that.

And thanks Jerome.  I'm pretty fair with hair (and greying on the sides), so it doesn't tend to show.  I've even had some people ask if I shave my eyebrows.  I don't.  They are just not very dark....

I’m on day 87.  This is the longest stretch I’ve made so far.


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