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Metalhead Sasquatch:
I have two large forearm tattoos. I got one, became addicted, and got the second one some weeks after the first. They were my first tattoos, so the pain experience was interesting--unique to tattooing I'd say. I was uncertain about color so they are black and grey line tattoos. One is the Helm of Awe symbol and a mandala type design around it. On my other arm is the Vegvisir symbol, also with a mandala type thing around it. Looking at the latter one, it's a bit too flowery but super cool anyway.

For the future, I want to fill in the outer parts of my forearms and get some large calf work pieces going too. I definitely want a Japanese styled dragon, and large viking axes. Maybe something Lord of the Rings as well. Something from my shoulder going into my upper chest area would be cool, but not too comfortable in that area yet.
Anyway, for piercings, I got a helix and my ear hated me so after a lot of infections and crooked "healing", I took it out and decided piercings are not my thing. That just means I'll be covered in tats instead of studs when I'm old  :). I'd be cool if I found a partner with no tats but a ton of piercings haha!
Alright, that's it.


Metalhead Sasquatch:

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Very Niicesh! Very clean!


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