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Stretched Lobes with bald Domes!

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Any of you guys / gals have your lobes stretched? i got to a 2 gauge plug, then went back up to 6 gauge custom CBR's. i liked the 2 gauge plugs but wussed out on wether or not they would shink back if i left them in for to long. so i been rocking the 6g. snugs for a few months now. do you all think large gauges look good with shiny mellons?
Y b!@h

I don't have them as they are not my thing. But, I think some guys can rock the stretched lobes with a bald dome.  Seen a few out and about.

I used to have 3/4"tunnels (non-sly). I took them out for 2 years and missed them so now I wear 1/2" Tunnels.

I am going to stretch back up to 3/4" eventually

I have 00g lobes. Took them out, probably won't stretch them again. Too much hassle. I'll stick with my 00g septum for now. I think it suits me.

I had 3/4 inch stretched lobes for many years ... but I took them out for a yearand a half.... now I have only 1/4 inch lobes. I am working back my way back up.

I also have a 10 gauge septum ring, a 6 gauge barbell in my tongue, 8 gauge rings in each nipple and a 6 gauge Prince Albert...



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