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I just saw videos of Prince Harry from yesterday, and noticed he is rapidly losing his hair. Very, very thin on top. He seems like a bit of a rebel, wondering if he'll decide to buzz of shave soon.

I could see him shaving it. Much more so than his brother.

Prince Harry has swagger I can totally see him shaving his head. It would better on him than William.

He's already got the beard.  He'd probably look good with the bald head/beard combination.

I don't think that "the palace" will allow him to do something like that.  Those guys live under  very, very tight restrictions on how they can dress, what they can do, etc.  Whenever they step out of the role and "misbehave", even the tiniest little bit; the Press crucifies them! And that fuels the fire of the anti-monarchists, etc. etc.


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