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Has anyone here got the scalp micro-pigmentation done? If so, what's your experience? Any pics?

I got my first session done recently but the guy went really light on me but I can see that he did good with hairline etc but it's still light  and I'm looking forward to Session 2 come Sept 15th so I'm hoping that he goes darker and covers more as I have a work summit to go to and I'm meeting some co-workers from other states for the first time so I def. want to look good!


@Sir Harry has had it done.

How cool.

I had mine done in November I also took the training course to become a scalp micro pigmentation artist myself!

I am thrilled with it.  No instead of look like like an 80 year old victim of chemotherapy I look like a guy who chooses to shave his head!  The spring I’m actually going to try to coax the horseshoe Flattop back and see if it looks thicker and fuller with the SMP underneath it.

You should ask specked it hope that it’s a very light coat of your first session as you should expect at least 60% if your first session will “fall out”.  This is the best way to do it so that your artist can see what areas are going to be more than other areas and so that on your third session they can use a different size that’s to give it a three-dimensional effect. 

I have seen worse run by people who come from a tattooist background and advertise a so-called “one and done” all in one session. Those jobs look terrible! They are far too heavy and look like someone did it with a sharpie pen! Also if they used her to eat instead of SMP fluid as you age those dots are going to spread out. SMP fluid is not in and it is not put into the lower part of the dermis that’s why it will fade out over about 4 1/2 years. But that is also why do you affect looks so natural

About three days after my final SOP session I fell and hit my head against the wall and tore 7 inch jagged tear in my scalp.  It took 13 stitches to close the wound. My SMP teacher called me to let the pool fully healed before we attempted to conceal the scar.  Since we were going to have to do a lot of concealment work anyway I also let my dermatologist laser off some pre-cancerous areas on my scalp and that lasered off the SMP as well so I had some big white spots on my head too!

Six weeks after the later I went in and my teacher redid those areas and the tackled the gnarly scar. 

I am thrilled to tell you that the gnarly scar is absolutely undetectable now!!!!!


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