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Does anybody here who is BBC regularly get told they look older or younger due to being bald?

I've had a mixture of both.

My wife says I look way older and should grow my hair back (although she just wants me to go for the Statham-type stubble and that ain't going to happen).
But a couple of days ago I met a woman who insisted that I was the same age as her son. I asked how old her son was and she replied 32. I laughed and said I was 12 years older but she didn't believe me. She said the BBC made me look younger.

I think there'd be a variety of lifestyle factors that come into play before lack of hair, including protecting skin from the sun (important in Perth), drinking lots of water, moisturising, and perhaps overall demeanour and attitude.

Interested to hear others thoughts.

Yes, many people can't believe I'm nearly 65. Shaving my snow white hair makes a difference, even though my beard is white.

Noting ages a person more than smoking and heavy drinking. I have a sister and brother that look much older than their age.

I am almost 76 and many time been told l look younger. I do think bald looks younger than ring around the head. My weight is same as high school 165 lb. Moderate exercise, and try eat healthy all help. But still enjoy 2  adult beverages a night. Always try to keep active , but don’t over due.

when i tell people that i am 60 years old they call me a liar and say that i look only in my 40s.not only do i look younger then 60 i also feel younger.

If I shave my beard off I will get carded regularly. Since my beard is mostly grey I look older with the beard.


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