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« on: May 26, 2018, 01:54:28 PM »
For those who don't know, GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation, a new set of laws set for citizens in the EU that go into effect on the 25th of May of this year (for America - deadline is tomorrow night after midnight).

We've always dealt with the personal data users have submitted and our user's privacy with the utmost respect. I'm a user on many sites so I feel the way I want to be treated elsewhere is the same way I want all of you to be treated here. We haven't ever bombarded our users with tons of emails (I think 4-5 in the last year), we've responded to personal data deletion requests in a timely fashion, and have even helped non-users who have found their data on our site and we have removed it. So not much will change with this but I feel that we need to provide information to our users on what GDPR entails.

Despite this being a law written for EU citizens, we will treat users from anywhere in the world in the same fashion. I personally like a lot of what is in this law as it protects the users, where some service providers have abused the end user (NOT US!). BUT!! Please respect us and the respect will be reciprocal. "Please" and "Thank you's" go a long way in communicating with us! Anyone displaying disrespect and demanding or threatening us based on their minuscule understanding of this law will have to jump through all the legal hoops that we are obligated to follow up with. More information will be posted on these hoops in the help pages soon.

What are your rights in all of this? Nothing has really changed for you, the user, at least on our site. The only things different that you probably won't notice will be necessary changes to our TOS, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy (they have been updated recently by default by our forum software based on the ICO's recommendations for what the general forum site would need, but modifications will be made to tailor it to our site, what/who we use as third party providers, etc.).

If you haven't read the legal mumbo jumbo that only IQ's over 9000 with a law degree can understand, I'm going to simplify it. First, things first, but for more in depth, view the spoiler below:

Any personal data/information (name, address, etc) posted publicly or in PM's (such as names and address for BST items after the transaction is fully finished, both parties are happy) can be reported and will be deleted (this has always been a policy though).

Request to delete threads, posts, profile posts/replies, PM's, etc. that do not contain personal data do not fall under this law. If it is breaking a rule, we will take the appropriate action as we always have.
You can unsubscribe from any or all emails from the site. Only time we would contact you via email if you are not subscribed to anything, if you remain a user, is in the event of a data breach.

You have the right to request a download of your personal data. Please see the expanded notes below - #3 for more information.

We currently will not delete an email address or IP addresses for the safety and security of the public. There may be exceptions to this but if you have a warning on your account, those exceptions will not exist to insure the safety and security of the public interest.


So that's the gist of it. Your privacy, personal data, and experience on the site are and always have been a priority. Overall, this shouldn't change your experience on the site. We don't expect much to come from this as we've always treated your privacy like we do our own. The only "big" changes are on documents most people don't even read!

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