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has anyone shaved their head by choice or not and have gone back to growing their hair.and how did you feel about that.and will you keep the full head of hair or the horse shoe look.

I have grown my hair back several times. I usually go for a sharp flattop. I never made it last a couple of months before taking the razor to my head. Part of it is the white hair, I think it makes me look so old. I also get a dermatitis condition on the back of my head that completely goes away if I shave daily.

Bottom line, I love sporting a shaved head. Everyone I know thinks it looks good on me, and I enjoy the morning routine of shaving. No plans of growing hair again.

hey reddog what is dermatitis

Dermatitis is different kinds of skin issues like sebhoria, eczema, etc.

After being bald (first by choice, and then by nature), I went and got myself a hair system... I like myself with hair. I don't know how long I can keep it up, it's a lot of care and maintenance.


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