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Dark overlay on screen

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Is anyone else having problems with a dark overplayed window that comes on when you try and read a post? Sometimes it's black sometimes a dark grey.  Sometimes it has a x allowing you to close it but most often not?
In the top right hand corner there is a blue square and crown as in the list on the left but that sits just offf the screen.

RazorX reported something similar. I don't run anything on the site that does overlay ads that I'm aware of. What type of device and browser are you seeing this on.

Laser Man:
I've had this happen, too.  In my case, it only seems to happen when i use my iPad.

@laserman, its the same with me, the computer is fine but on my ipad it happens

I get this too.only on my iPhone and only if I view the page as a full site. If I switch to the mobile site the issue goes away


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