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Take 30 seconds to help raise money for the Nor Cal Fires victims



I found a really simple and quick way to raise money for the victims of the fires in Northern California.  It will only take you 30 seconds and not a dime will come out of your pocket.

To learn more on how to help raise money, go to

Thanks for doing this Tyler - these fires have hit a little too close to home.

I have no idea how this works (and I'm always a little hesitant to click on things I don't fully understand), but it was certainly quick, easy, and painless.


Thanks, Zooman. By clicking the link a bit of your CPU is used to make some calculations. Nothing is downloaded.

Thank you for everyone that that has helped so far. We're starting to get some good traction on Reddit as well.

Here's a video I made for YouTube to spread the word. Please share with others.  Thanks!


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