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Razor X:
There is a "woe is me" tone to must if this article and I think the whole stress causes baldness theory is BS -- but it does end on a positive note.


Back several years before i became bbc, i developed a stress induced nervous habit of plucking hairs from the crown of my head. It became bad enough that my mother noticed i was starting to have a bald spot there. Anyway eventually i found snd dealt with thevroot cause of my stress, and  lo and behold the bald spot filled back in, and i csn legit say i am a by choice sly guy today.  So stress can cause hair loss in a roundabout way, im living proof!  Oh, and if anyone has any thoughts that some form of the same nervous habit is why i shaved, no, you're wrong. I did it becsuse i wanted to try something VERY different with my look, and found out i liked it, so kept with it

I was 18 when my hair started thinning. Nothing to do with stress--it's just my genetics. I think younger people, at least in my experience, are much more positive about shaving it off than older generations.


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