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How I Got Fit Again After Heart Attack


I have always been a workout nut. Since I was very young. I started with basic pushups and situps and jogging progressed from there.

Despite this 4 years ago I had major heart issues. They said it was genetic and stress. So I had to start over. I went to cardiac rehab and eventually ventured to Youtube where I found thousands of interesting videos on exercise. But I needed a program that would start me from the beginning and build me up slowly since my heart had been damaged. I found Coach Kozak and HASfit. He is in my opinion the best Youtube trainer out there. My Doctor and Cardiac therapist said it was a good routine. Kozak is A former college football player and MMA fighter with a ton of fitness qualifications. You can check his site out and here is the low impact beginner routine

His program is followed like a calendar by clicking on the routine (in blue) each day. You can go from absolute beginner all the way to very advance workouts. He also has tons of other video's on training for sports etc...

I hope this helps any of you who are looking to get fit or maintain your fitness.


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