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Show us your (fringe/bald spot/non-sly/lazy headshaver) pictures!

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Sir Harry:
Hello forum members

As 2016 comes to and end (for some of us, thankfully), I thought this would be a perfect time to show some lurkers some reasons we went sly/trimmed it down. In fact, I figured it would be a good time to show some before and afters. I know there are a few threads that discussed MPB and pre-sly pics, but I thought that we could start a thread for the entire membership to show their (balding) pics and what they look like when they get lazy (guilty). I'll start with a few of mine.

P.S. Wishing you all a blessed and prosperous 2017!

NOTE: All of these were circa 2012, will post some modern day non-sly pics in a future post.

Razor X:


Mine too



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