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Hey guys, you've probably seen some chatter about the new HeadBlade MOTO headshaver.  For over a month I've been using a prototype of the blade and I love it. Here's a video of my review:

I look forward to hearing what you guys think when you start using it.

Awesome, thanks Tyler!  I look forward to trying one out!

So do I!!!.....thanks for sharing the video!

Oooh! I can't wait.

what adaptors did you use to get the gillette blades on the MOTO?  I just bought a MOTO and 4 HB4 blades, and was wondering how it performed with dual-blade or triple-blade cartridges.  I have a large fold/crease across the back of my head, and a wide cartridge like a 4-blade glides right over it without getting the hair that grows in the fold/crease.  I have used twin-blade razors that are able to get into there with some success.  My MOTO only came with the yellow adaptor for the HB4 cartridge. 


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