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inexpensive shaving gel recommendations/suggestions


looking for a gel to use on my face (and perhaps head too)....nothing in a can...looking for good value here, nothing super expensive...thanks

I wrote this long detailed response and my ipod crashed again like it always does lately (seems like apple products have gone in the toilet since a certain someone passed away) so you are now getting the quick and dirty:

Headslick, about $8 per bottle (walgreens or headblade directly.  They also have small sample bottles.)
Cremo, about $6 per tube (walmart. Ultra super concentrated so it lasts forever. Have original, cooling, and mango)

There also are beebald products and another competitor I can't think of but I don't have experience with them.

Unless you are really on a budget preventing you from "playing" please go out and try barbasol aloe.  I know you specified no can but this stuff is honestly amazing and that is coming from a traditional wet shaver. Runs you less then $2 a can that last over 2 months of daily use plus if you don't like it I'm sure your significant other, friend, or family member will use it.  It's available everywhere, consistent, classic, and about as cheap as you can get.  Just try it...

bee bald and cremo are gels or creams? and is there much difference b/w a gel and cream, or just personal preference?

Yea it's really just preference primarily.  Usually gels give slickness but no cushion while foams give cushion and no slickness, creams are sort of in the middle. Now keep in mind that is a very generalized statement and you will find some exceptions to that.


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