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Luck of the Irish


Cave Dweller:
An Irish priest is driving through a neighboring village one evening when he is pulled over by the police.
When the officer walks up to the car, he spies an empty wine bottle in the back seat and then smells alcohol on the priest's breath.
"Father, have you been drinking?" the officer asks.
"Only water," the priest replies.
"Then why am I smelling wine on your breath?" the officer barks.
"Praise be!" the priest exclaims as he puts his hand to his heart and looks up to the heavens, "He's done it again!"

Laser Man:
Good one!  How about this one:

A man and his wife go to dinner at their favorite restaurant and enjoy a nice bottle of wine. 
On the way home, the couple is pulled over by a state trooper.  The man asks “what’s the problem, officer?”  The trooper replies, “You were doing 70 in a 50 zone.”  The man says, “That’s impossible – I had the cruise control set at 50.”  His wife says, “This car doesn’t have cruise control.”  The man tells her to shut up.  The officer is a little surprised by this and says “sir, I see you are not wearing your seat belt.”  The man says, “I took it off to get my wallet when you pulled me over.”  His wife says, “You never wear a seat belt” The man angrily says “I told you to shut up!”  The officer is even more surprised at this, so he leans down and says, “Ma’am, does your husband always talk to you that way?”  She replies, “Only when he’s been drinking.”

Good stuff.   :*)).  :*))

Cave Dweller:

--- Quote from: Laser Man on June 27, 2016, 03:36:27 PM ---How about this one
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Excellent, sir.


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