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Calling all sly sisters

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Hey y'all!  I'm just curious about how many sly sisters we have active on the site.  I see Nikki post on a fairly regular basis, but she's the only one.  Has anyone heard from gutsygirl?  Come on ladies!  Let's see those beautiful, shiny domes!

BTW:  Have you ever noticed that almost all the emojis are bald?

Reviving this topic because I think it's legitimate.

I'd kind of always wanted to shave my head and after my first husband and I split, I did.  I kept it for about six months. 

It was pretty awesome - I lived in Manhattan but all of a sudden, everyone knew me.  I was the bald chick.  Unfortunately about 70% of the people who approached me asked if I had cancer.  It really didn't bother me at the time, but I was at a very fearless part of my life. But the 30% who approached me and gave me a thumbs up made my day!  I had a lot of support from the people, and a LOT of jealousy from other women.

When I eventually moved to the Midwest, it was an issue.  I had grown my hair out into a pixie beforehand, but it was still seen as weird.  I live in a relatively liberal city in the Midwest, but I have a hard time believing a bald female would survive a job interview - they'd probably assume she has cancer or she was a radical.  When I explain to my new friends here why I shaved my head and show them pictures, they squeal and scream in HORROR and say "why would you do that to yourself!?!" (and one of them is an HR manager).

Bald is beautiful.  Whatever you prefer is beautiful.  And nobody should have a goddamn opinion about your hairstyle unless you somehow have a slur or slander spelled out in your head.  We all have to wear our skin and the parts that come out of it.  Nobody else gets to decide.

Said we'll !! O0

Don't let society influence you.  There are a lot of women who can pull off the bald look.  I'm sure you have the confidence to do it as well. 

Socknoogle, I will let you know in about 10 days. So far I'm just very short.


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