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Recently Divorced, Trouble with Confidence

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Hello everyone,

My name is Jason and I live in the Tampa area. I'm 43 years old and just recently got divorced from my wife of 14 years. It was a long (18 months+) and costly divorce for me and combined with the stresses of work, I lost a lot of my hair. I was already balding but the divorce just exacerbated things. It's been really hard on me and I've had a lot of trouble even finding the motivation to do things. I hate going out because of the way I look, I'm really down about the pattern my hair is in. That's why I came to this site, I see how confident a lot of you guys are with your bald heads and....I guess I just want that feeling again. I've never shaved my head, and to be honest, I'm scared to try. But I'm even more scared of not being able to get back out in the dating scene. I've tried once or twice before but I just messed it up, I was so nervous about my hair, I actually spilled wine on my date (she defeintely never wanted to see me again). I could really use some advice and you guys seem like you have it together, especially when it comes to being sly. thanks for your help as I start my sly journey.

During this time of personal change is the perfect time to also change not only how you look, but how you look at yourself.

You've got nothing to lose. You already hate the way your hair looks, and in the very unlikely event that getting rid of it doesn't suit you, it grows back much more quickly than you might imagine.

Give it the 30-day trial. You're likely to surprise yourself.

Double Diablo:
Dude, you have gone single at the best time!  Early to mid 40s is the best time.  Shave your head, workout a little bit and get into some manly hobby like motorcycles or guns.  Be Alpha!  Just let your testosterone loose and be a man.  Walk with a swagger.  Right now, at this age, you are a prize!  Think back over your life and count up how many of your friends and acquaintances have passed away.  How many were male?  Mostly all of them right? Think about it.  Men drop dead like flies.  The stress of providing and being male brings on heart disease, high blood pressure.  Our work places expose us to cancer causing agents.  Hell, our jobs (cops, oil field roughnecks, truck drivers, construction, soldiers, armored truck drivers, lumberjacks) kill us.  When is the last time you heard of a woman dying at work?

Women will fight over you once they know you are out there.  By the time we are in our 40s, there really are not that many of us left.  You take out all the ones that have died, the ones that have given in to the fact that they are gay, the ones in the priesthood and how many are left out there?

Just get out there.  Let women see that there is a single guy out there and believe me, they will come to you.  I milked this for years once I saw how it was.  You play your cards right, you will get laid right and left.  And you won't have to jump through any hoops for it either.  You will hve so much pussy thrown at you you won't believe it.  I did not even get laid like this in college.

You go for it.

Sir Harry:
Welcome and good luck to you.

Big Jon:
I'm going through a divorce right now, and I understand how tough it is. I say give it 30 days and within that time focus on yourself.


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