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MPB Fringe Growing Out

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About a month ago, I quit shaving my head because I was in the hospital.  The longest I had grown out my fringe was a month.  So I am going to let it go about 2 months.  I plan on shaving my head again.  The reason I first shaved my head is that I was not liking the thinning experience.  But now I am about a Norwood 6 on the balding scale.  But I am cool with that and will always be proud of my bald dome and will never use drugs, plugs or rugs!  Anyway, here is what it looks like without the fine stumpy hairs trimmed.

PS, if you press the thumbnails, they will no longer be sideways!

Now here is the fringe with the stubbly and far spaced hairs trimmed down!  Plus one more with the dying hairs!

PS....posting resized photos from a iPad is not easy!  Sorry for the differences in format!

Razor X:
You're braver than I am.  I couldn't grow it out for a month.

Sir Harry:
Marsh, wishing you a speedy recovery. I think that the fringe with the thick beard looks decent. Even if you don't shave right away, a nice taper fringe would look pretty good with that beard. And this is coming from a guy who got a head tattoo.

I had a bowel obstruction that required me to be in the hospital 8 days.  Thankfully it opened up without surgery!  I ended up losing 17 pounds.  So I am continuing to now eat healthy!  The obstruction was caused by scar tissue sticking together from previous surgery.

As for the growing out of the fringe, I can see that I look a lot like my grandfather on my dad's side, if he had worn a beard! I pretty much went bald while my dad really only had thinning hair, a Norwood 4.  Funny how baldness can skip generations.  My grandfather on my mom's side was quite bald too.  My one cousin on my mom's side is about as bald as myself, while my uncle totally kept his hair!  But I need to convince my cousin to go sly, after I quit messing with "Dark Side"!


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