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In need of a career change


Hey everyone! I have not posted on here in a while, but I am looking for advice. I am finding myself at a crossroad in my life. I have been employed at a large hotel chain in Boston since I moved from NJ three years ago. I am married to my wonderful husband and we have two cats. My uncle in law is our roommate and we do not have children, but would like to adopt someday. We both work full time and do not rely on assistance in any form.
So I have worked in the hotel restaurant for three years as a buffet attendant, busser, server, and host. I have received two small raises and am about to be named employee of the month for a second time. I work extremely hard despite having aspergers and dyslexia. I do enjoy my job, but the bills are barely getting paid. In order to save any money I must work save days and 8 to 9 shifts a week and no that the interns have arrived that is no longer possible. I also commute an hour and a half each way to work (two trains, one bus) and must take a cab         

if I have missed the last bus or the first has not come. I know I need a new career in order to support my family or to be able to adopt children. I cannot raise children or even find a better apartment on my salary. I have just turned 26 and know I must think of going back to school now. I would like a career that I enjoy and one that I can make a reasonable salary. I love working with animals, but could see myself doing so many things. I also am worried about being      overwhelmed by student loans and of course balancing working, school, and married life. I know many peoples go through this and everyone wants a better life, but I am having a problem sticking to a plan and making the leap. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

about 6 years ago, I made quite a leap in starting a new career.
I had been fired with a criminal conviction (that was a massive wakeup for me), and also I fight mental health demons daily also. I was then working in a factory environment, that paid well but not something I could see myself doing long term. and in looking I found a mechanic workshop who was willing to take me on as an apprentice when very few places would give me the time of day, It is an awesome career for me, and having regular up skilling and training, even to dual trading to auto electrician (part way through)  I love my work even though not the highest paying.  I know it may not be your trade of choice, but I pray you can find something that works just as well for you

Many trade jobs pay much better than hotels and resturants.  Look for a trade that is of interest to you and matches your aptitude.  Then do as Dan did, look for someone in the trade to take you on as an apprentice.  You will learn the trade while getting paid.  And no student loans over your head.  Be willing to relocate to an area of the country with jobs available.

I know too many people that took loans for college in a field for which there are no jobs available.  They end up in low paying jobs that do not require a degree and have serious dept to pay.  Consider college only if there is a job waiting at the end of the degree that pays enough to cover the debt and supply you an adequate income.

Many companies offer tuition assistance to their employees as an employee benefit.  I had been taking classes when money was available to avoid student loan debt, and landing a job that included tuition assistance allowed me to complete my degree at my employer's expense.  All I had to do was buy the books and agree to work for them for a year after graduation.   


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