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NFL Playoffs 2014-15 (and a few observations from the 2014 regular season)

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Sir Harry:
I'ts been a while since I commented on this thread but I will try not to be lengthy.

Wildcard Round:

Panthers/Cardinals....It pained me to watch a team that I like struggle mightily against the Panthers with no decent replacement at QB.....If Lindley is on any roster next season, I may grow my hair out...

Steelers/Ravens: Bell was sorely missed in this game.....Big Ben's turnovers and/or concussion didn't help here, either

Bengals/Colts.....Marvin Lewis is now the modern-day Jim Mora....Once again, poor quarterback play shows up at the most inopportune time.

Lions/Cowboys....Sadly, this game will be known for a blown call more than the scintillating finish......But again, good teams overcome bad calls, and I will leave it at that.

Divisional Round:
Ravens/Patriots....When you have a good team by the throat, never let up...I had a feeling when Baltimore scored the go-ahead field goal, that the Patriots would respond with a touchdown to win

Panthers/Seahawks.....The Panthers kept it close and made it interesting....they may have had a better shot if the game was in Charlotte, but once again, Seattle found a way to put the game away.

Cowboys/Packers...Once again, a game remembered more for officiating more than competitiveness.....Once again, the Cowboys could have gotten a shot after the overturned catch, but couldn't get a defensive stop when it mattered most

Colts/Broncos.....I think my friends spent more time making up new Nationwide commerical jingles after this game than talking about the Colts being a team on the rise...Even if this is Manning's last game, you can't deny his greatness, even if he leaves a lot to be desired in the playoffs.

So which Super Bowl Matchup do you want to see on Feb. 1st? This would be my pecking order

1. Patriots/Packers....Rodgers would try to win a ring for the second time against a QB that has won at least two previous rings.

2. Colts/Seahawks.....Luck vs. Wilson....would make for a nice "Young Guns" showdown especially with both of them being drafted in the same year (I guess many thought RG3 would be in this spot instead of Wilson)

3. Patriots/Seahawks.....Would be nice to see a rematch of a 2012 game that had an exciting finish when the Seahawks scored two late touchdowns to erase a 13-point deficit.

4. Colts/Packers.....Well, if nothing else, a lot of points will be scored....

How about this NFC championship game?

Sir Harry:
Wow, just wow.....I don't know whether to praise the Seahawks for overcoming adversity or to bash the Packers for failing to finish...Epic game, though.


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