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Does excessive face shaving encourage facial hair growth?

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So a friend of a friend... Has been shaving twice daily for 6 months, and claims its let him grow a full beard, before he had very little facial hair... Could there be any truth in this?

I've also heard not shaving, and letting it grow out will encourage more hair to grow, any truth to this as well?

I'm sceptical, just wondered what others experiences have been, or if you know any of these to be true?

Razor X:
No, it's a myth.

The two questions ; not shaving and letting it grow? and shaving often? both have the same result more hair. The cause of more hair growing was time. If your a young guy and wait six months you'll have more hair on your face no mater what you do.

The reverse of that is true on your head.

Cave Dweller:
I think the pruning theory only is true for plants.



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