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Sensitive skin on face

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bald Luck14:
I have very sensitive skin on my face. I use Gillette Fusion razor and Gillette sensitive skin shaving cream, but after I shave I get sore spots and it hurts/burns.

If I don't shave for about 4 days, then when I shave it does not hurt and there's minor irritation. But if I shave everyday or every other day, it feels so bad.

Any advice guys on making shaving on a daily basis less of an issue. Thanks for your support.

With a fusion, you're dragging 5 blades across your face - you might want to try a Mach3 - less blades = less skin/metal contact. 

If I use a cart, I use the 2 blade BIC's I find at the 99 cent store and I have no problems (and my skin is sensitive - mostly on my head).

Also, lighter pressure on the razor (let the razor do the work) and maybe a different cream (I would suggest something like T&H Ultimate Comfort)

bald Luck14:
Thanks for the advice!

Also, choose a different shave cream, like Cremo Cream or Pacific Shaving Cream.  You may even want to try a shaving oil.

I have already understood to follow.


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