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Shark S4
« on: December 10, 2013, 09:56:57 PM »
I took advantage of the 'black Friday' sale on Head Blade and purchased the Shark S4.  Well guys it arrived today and what a 'smart' looking piece of shaving apparatus!

I was expecting delivery today so I held off with my morning head shave.  I was delighted when it arrived around 11 am.  I did not hesitate and quickly took it out of its packaging and after a few minutes under the shower we were ready to go!

I had read on here that it takes a few shaves to get use to the additional weight for the Shark is made out of stainless steel and not plastic like it counterpart the Head Blade ATX.  After a few strokes I was surprised how soon I adapted to what pressure was required for different sections of my dome.

Guys I need to tell you the shaving experience was second to none.  I found the additional weight increased the 'feel' you have in regards to how much pressure to apply.  The shave was a lot closer but this was maybe due to using the H6 blade on the Shark rather than the H4 I always use on the ATX.

If I was to evaluate the Shark after one shave I would give it excellent.  This is based on two indicators - (1) Was it easy safe and easy to use? (2)How close a shave did it give me?

(1) extremely safe (no nicks or cuts) very easy to use ( I found the added weight a bonus).

(2)  An exceptionally close shave (my head is as smooth as a 'baby's bottom')
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