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I just joined, and saw this thread. Thought I´d contribute my observations.
Pros:  Less hassle. No mucking about with shampoo, conditioner, brushes, combs, barbers, etc. Cheaper. And Sly.
Cons: Spurning the advances of the Ladies, who simply will not form an orderly queue.
For the Slys, can you imagine Yul Brynner or Captain Picard with hair?
For the Slyettes, have you ever seen a photo of singer Sinead O´Connor, from the eighties, when she had a No.1 razor cut?
Best Wishes, all.

Ming the Merciless:
Ireland, of course, has more clement weather (i.e., "cooler") than some of us in the States have to put up with.  So, a disadvantage of heat (as is the case in Ming's neighborhood lately) is that sweat encounters no obstacles to trickling off the dome.  There is, however, the availability of sweat bands.

Pros are too much for me to list, I just love the look, feel, and not seeing all the grey hair. The only con I can think of is the time it takes to shave daily. I;m still worried about some irritation, but shaving with a razor is getting better.

Too true, Ming and Reddog. We´ve just had our first heatwave in 15 years here, and I see some bald dudes with sunburn on their heads. This is seriously not good. I don´t razor my head, I tried it a few times and "nicked" my head so much with a razor it was a pita. So I just go over my head with an electric trimmer set at No.1. My Dad, who is in his late eighties, still backcombs his fringe to cover his pate, which I think is a bit sad. But he comes from the days when a bald head was considered an object of ridicule, so I let him get on with it, without comment. It´s a lot easier nowadays that a bald head, or a very short blade, has become cool. I´m 51, and a teacher, and some teenagers I work with have razored heads. It´s really no big deal nowadays, at least since the seventies, and I can´t remember when I last saw a guy with an obvious wig or toupé. My younger brother, aged 40-odd, has shaved his head for at least a decade. I really think this website is performing a public service to young guys worried about the whole hair-loss thing. If we could just persuade them it´s one less thing to worry about, AND you get to look Sly!

Cousin It:
Pros - Self explanatory
Cons - Mosquitos. Can't feel the little bastards land.


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