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When I was first deciding whether or not to go sly, I took a significant amount of time scouting for pictures of AVERAGE WOMEN (not super models) who were rocking it smooth.  Luckily, there were several interesting collections online.  It boosted my confidence and I said, "Ok, NOW I know I can definitely do this!" 

So if you're a lady (or a curious guy) who wants to see what the sly life looks like on the "fairer sex" here are a few places to start off.  (Please forgive the names of some of these websites....I didn't make them.)






I didn't write this, but I think it is AWESOME:

Why I Love Being Bald
1. 3 minute showers. nuff said
2. people ask to pet me on a daily basis
3. no bad hair days!
4. i can drive on the freeway with my windows down. that is reason enough for me to stay bald for-ev-er!
5. i can shave myself down whenever i want; no more booking hair appointments 2 weeks in advance.
6. i havent had to spend a dime on hair product or getting routine haircuts at a salon; this has kept an extra $50 in my wallet every month
7. instead of pulling my hair during sex, my man now palms my head like a basketball. i fucking love it.
8. i get called sweet nicknames like Sinead, Cue Ball, and Uncle Fester (my personal fave)
9. i’m already working on my sexy Aang costume for halloween!
10. the confidence that has come with baldness is incredible! realizing that my beauty actually shines from the inside out, and it doesn’t take fancy hair or makeup for me to look lovely puts a biiiiig smile on my face.
11. my dad and i look even more alike
12. getting double takes/being mistaken for a dude makes my day hilarious
13. when i’m hard at work, sweat easily wipes right off my dome; no more sweat-matted roots.
14. i always look like a badass
what are some reasons yoooou like being bald?

P.S.  SBG sensored the names of the websites for obvious reasons, but I think you know what they say...   ::)

The pictures are mostly PG-13 rated I'd say.  (A few have chosen to go off the deep end.)

those are great sites you found there, very beautiful women on those blogs  O0

It's nice to see some positive affirmation for bald women. Can you imagine getting to a stage where balding was no longer a stigma for women!

I've tried to imagine it....  feels a long way off from reality, however.


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