Author Topic: Please read the Posting Guidelines  (Read 13372 times)

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Please read the Posting Guidelines
« on: February 25, 2013, 05:47:19 PM »
They are posted here -

In short:

1) Stay on topic - if a topic inspires something then create another topic
2) Do not attack anyone in public or private
3) If you have a problem with a post of private message, then use the report button to report it and let the staff handle it
4) Please do not show skin (below your neck) in your avatar.  Avoid provocative poses.
5) This is a positive place to help people with head shaving advice or advice about going bald; please keep it positive.

Thank you for adhering to the rules!

People are not limited by the circumstance that they are born in. They are limited by the size of their dreams. Show them that their dreams can have no limits and in turn their accomplishments can be limitless.


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