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Do yourself a favor, register and jump into the forums!  You don't have to do anything except express your thoughts/feelings.

I only happened to find this site at a point where I was ready to finally shave, but had I found it a year ago I would have lurked and envied and maybe never built up to this point at all.

It is a supremely welcoming and kind community and I will be happy to do my best to guide you through your thoughts and feelings, even if I've only been around a little over a week.  Sign up and send me a message, welcome welcome.

Speaking up is hard, but it's so much more satisfying than sitting on the sidelines.

And I promise not to MAKE you shave your head (you will choose to do that yourself naturally  ;) ).


Great message bella. I think you may inspire others for a long time you have already helped so much through this site O0

Great post Bella! Great inspiration for any women who want to start shaving.

Good onya Bella  O0

Bravo Bella  O0

You've already been making a great contribution to the forum in such a short time, and this is yet another prime example. If there is any ladies out their thinking about it and don't want to chat openly with us guys eventually, then please chat with Bella.

This is really not a men's club by any stretch of your imagination, and love hearing from our sly sisters!


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