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At the bottom right of the home screen there is a cool section entitled “Users online”.  This section shows you exactly how many users and “guests” are on line and which registered members and or guests are viewing which subjects at any given moment.

Usually there are between 50 and 120 “Guests” busy perusing the different topics.  If you are one of these, you are obviously visiting this site due to some interest in being bald or you are just surfing the net and have stumbled upon this awesome site.

My invitation to you is to register and pop in, even if it is only to say hello and to introduce yourself.  Don’t be shy, there are a wonderful bunch of Sly guys here who are waiting to answer any questions or just to say hello.

Many guys have discovered a whole new world out there by joining this site.  I encourage you to also do so.  What have you got to lose? – Only your hair.  What will you gain? -- Self confidence and acceptance…

I am only a regular member here, nothing more, but I will vouch for the fact that this site is truly and potentially life changing!

Wain is right -everybody who have any problem, insecurity - or even a joke is welcomed here ...There are no stupid questions (or else I would not be here  :popo   :x!  )

The most members I've ever seen online is about 18 maximum, not a lot at all really. Yet I've seen 150+ guests.

Mark, I agree.  That's why I want to encourage more guests to join rather than just lurking.  I believe that this site has a lot of potential.

Paul the Headblader:
and it's free, lol. great advice. i will never regret for tapping the 'register' button 11 months ago.


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