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Hello fellow chrome domes:

Hope all is well with U and your families.  I wanted to start a SOTD... Shave of the Day
(Safety Razor Version) thread.  Post up your safety razor SOTD.

I will start with my SOTD...just had a very relaxing evening shave. O0

Razor:  Weber DLC
Blade:  Astra SP
Shave soap:  Mike's Natural Soap (orange/cederwood/pepper)
Brush:  Semogue 620 boar brush


Man that lather looks rich. I can't wait to get my DE and other items. They should come tomorrow.

My plan for tomorrow evening is to take a nice hot shower when I get home from work and then prep and have my first DE shave.


Thanks Warhawk.  This should be a great thread.  I hope the DE shavers keep it up.  So interesting to see what others use.

This was my shave of the day :

Razor : Lion
Blade : Supermax Titanium
Shave Soap : Nuage shave oil followed by "Perfect Shave" Shave soap
Brush : Tweezerman
Aftershave : Old Spice Classic

@ Mike:  I'm looking forward to your DE journey. 

@ Waine:  Thanks 4 your contribution.  I'm hoping that it will spark some interest.  As most of U know I have a new found love for safety razors and I hope 2 help any DE or SE newbie.


Going to have a nice, slow evening shave post-workout and shower using the following:

Razor: Edwin Jagger DE89
Blade: Derby Extra
Shave cream: Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood
Brush: Vulfix 1016 Pure Badger
Aftershave: Cold water and Osage Rub

Looking forward to trying out some different blades and shave creams/soaps.  Probably going to buy a puck of Van Der Hagen from Wal-Mart and order some Proraso cream at some point.  The DE shaves have been getting better and better, but I'm still on the quest for the perfect shave!


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