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I saw the Miller commercial the other day and it made me think that we needed our own Bald Man Laws.  I've come up with a few...but feel free to reply with your own.

Bald is better than combovers!

No man shall ever use the "combover" to cover up their bald head.

Should a bald man see another bald man with a combover, he has a right to shave the combover off.

If any bald man sees another bald man getting a sunburned dome, they should offer up sunscreen if they have some.

The only hair that should be allowed to grow on the scalp is hair that originated on the same scalp.

The only items that should be allowed to cover a bald man's head are a hat or cap, a do-rag, or a hood from a jacket or sweatshirt; hairpieces (rugs) are not permitted.

lol I like where this is going and second these laws! hehe

Always accept the "head rub" from any woman, even if she's attractively-challenged   :)

lol agreed, BaldRob!

always carry a bandanna or "sweat rag" as i like to call 'em

never be without a skull cap in the winter

and the addendum to the females touching your head....its acceptable as long as their fingers are not as cold as ice cubes


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