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so, how many bikers are out there?

ive been riding for 2 years on a CBT license on a yamaha dragstar xvs 125, 2000 model, absolutly love her to bits but due to bad timing with foot surgury etc my CBT has ran out so im not road legal.

Well having a bike isnt really practical as i have a family so we have set aside some money to get my drivers license after xmas, i can drive but the license part is crucial, ofc lol

I was going to sell my bike to fund the driving but i just cant bring myself to do that, i love the freedom that comes with the ride, so im gonna be storing her next week until the weather is better, do the work that needs to be done and get her into tip top shape ready to ride again. Cant wait if im honest, as much as i do need a car i absolutly love my bike and its something i wish to continue with for as long as possible!

The main reason i got my bike was due to getting a better job position at work and needed it to commute, its cheap! Used to do 24 miles a day, wind, rain, snow you name it ive rode in it! had many a good days aswel as bad lol

Share some of your experiences good and bad!

I dont know many bikers around my area so would be nice to share some stories!

Started with a Honda CB550, then sold that and got a Honda 1100 Shadow. From there I got a Harley Electra Glide Classic, sold that and ended up with a 2000 Ducati Monster (904 cc), fastest bike I was ever on. That beast could go from 60 to 120 in no time. I used that to put some distance between my a$$ and the "Buy American" rednecks that love to tailgate foreign bikes in their rusty old Ford pick-ups. I ended up selling that a few years back after too many of the blue haired old ladies in the northwoods tried to kill me.
If I was ever to buy another bike I would get something along the lines of the Kawasaki KLR-650 Dual Purpose. It's an enduro bike (on and off road), liquid cooled with a 5 speed and a 5.8 gallon tank. The estimates I've read say that it gets about 50 mpg. I would get hard bags on it for transporting my stuff and probably no other mods. It's a pretty tall saddle so that would be a plus for me. I'd probably also get on/off road tires so if I did go boondocking I'd have traction but it would also have a smooth ride on the road. And the 650 is plenty big enough to keep up with traffic on the highway.
If you ever get the opportunity to go to Sturgis take it! The first time I went they estimated half a million bikes and it was fairly crowded everywhere we went. The last time ('04) the estimate was 1.5 million and it was gridlock everywhere. Still, it's something that every biker should do at least once just to say you did.
One year during the rally, it was '99 or 2000, I was riding with a group on Needles Highway and we found the wreckage of one of the tour choppers that crashed the day before killing the pilot and his lone passenger. I'm a retired cop and the group I was riding with was all LEOs as well. So we're all walking around the site snapping photos of the blood, etc. Other people who were watching us must have thought we were cult members or just plain nutz.
On that same trip we were riding through Custer State Park on the wildlife loop and stopped to let a herd of buffalo cross the road. The herd was bigger than we thought and pretty well spread out so they were walking in and out among the bikes. I thought they were all pretty big animals and then the Alpha Male came along. He walked right in front of my bike and that dude was ENORMOUS! I'm 6'-5" and I could not see over him. It wasn't until he was about 30 yards away that I remembered that I had a camera with me and I got a really nice pic of his hind quarters but that photo does not do justice to his size. I was never that close to something without a fence or a wall between us and I have to admit to being intimidated to the point of being surprised that I didn't need to change my pants afterward.
If you ever do make the Sturgis trip try to find out when the rally is in Hulett, Wyoming. As much as the cops crack down on nudity and fighting in Sturgis they have a strict hands off approach in Hulett. I've been told that Hulett today is the way Sturgis was years ago. Lots of nudity, lots of drunkenness, lots of flying fists. Never been there but I hear it's unforgettable.
OK, I'll stop now.

2005 Yamaha V-Star Classic Silverado.

I started with a Suzuki GS500 (the naked version). In Australia we have learner restricted bikes so you can't ride a Litre bike on your learners permit.

My current ride is, 2009 Kawasaki Z1000...

Love riding it, have Leo Vince SBK pipes on it now instead of the massive OEM pipes. Had it from new and done 23,000KM on it so far.

I generally ride with a big group of mates, do the odd trip away. My favourite spot to ride is in the Australian alps. Beautiful place to ride.

A few more pics to tease you with :)

Twisties for the next 105KM mainly 35Km/h corners.

This is up in the fairly tame aussie alps

Ok, you'll probably think it's a whimpy bike, but it serves my purpose. I ride a moped/scooter on country type roads the five miles to work and back. Eaton Beamer I.  I like the 70-80 mpg it gets.  I run to the store and just fun local rides. Yes, it does not go too fast, but out here we're far enough away from the city that a little bike like this is nice. Put on about 4000-5000 miles per year scooting around. Can ride about 10 months of the year.


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