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What do YOU drive?

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Hey folks.  I'm curious what kind of car everybody drives. 

My blue monster is called Florence.  2004 Mazda6S GT V6.  5-speed manual.

Comes with:
Climate Control
Sport Bucket Seats
Leather Steering wheel
6-disc cd player
17" wheels
power everything
Bose speakers (Yuck)

 Here are some of the things I've done to it cuz showroom stock isn't my style.  :P

Ported Heads
Cold Air Intake
Forged Pistons
Forged Rods
Upgraded Bearings
Upgraded Crank
Catless Exhaust
Center-stack Gauges
Lowering Springs
Sway Bars
New Clutch
New Flywheel
Underdrive Pullies
Eminence Speakers to replace the Bose
Short Throw Shifter

Its a fun little beast.  I dropped some cash into it, but I'll never sell it, so no risk of losing the investment.  That new motor is good for another 300k miles.  :D

Like minds.  I posted a thread about about what everyone drives a few months ago. 

I have a 2010 Ford Fusion - It's not a "totally" normal looking Fusion. During the final stages of assembly, they take 2 out of every 150 and put what they call the Apperiance package on them. My grill matches the paint, not chrome, it has low profile tires and 18" wheels. the interior is heavier duty cloth and white piping and stitching. I LOVE it. I have had it 13 months and have 7.700 miles on it now. I will NEVER sell it, since I am 42 it might be my last car ever.

I named it "Felix" because Felix means fortunate and lucky, which I feel I am. I won't do anything to it. I have SYNC voice activated phone and text messaging and audio controls with navigation. I will never modify a car again. I had a 1999 Toyota pick up and I did a ton of tricking out of it, $2,500 stereo and wheels and tires, then a week later it was stolen, I hadn't reported the mod's to my insurance so I lost my arse. NEVER again. I love the way Felix is stock.

I get that.  My friend owns my insurance agency, so we could fix it if something like that happened.  What motor does that have?

in the Summer I'm on a 2005 BMW R1150R "Rockster"
in the Winter I'm in a 1995 Jaguar VandenPlas (seen in the background)

The Jag keeps me busy.  She's needy!

Beemers are nice bikes.  I used to have a Duke 907ie but laid it down.  I had a couple scratches, but the bike was toast.  Wouldn't mind getting an older Beemer for a summer ride. 


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