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This is a post by Sooner Steve in another thread, but it's such a great post it deserves to be it's own topic!


I know where you are.  I wore a "system" for 23 years from age 20 to 43.  I was a slave to it.  I know your fear.  I was very scared and worried about what everyone would say.  I was sure THEY would be shocked when I shaved it clean.


I was shocked to learn that I had not been fooling anyone with my "system". 

I was shocked to learn that most everyone had wanted me to get rid of it for years. 

I was shocked to learn that no one cared that I did not have hair.

I was shocked to learn that I felt bether about myself once I got rid of the "system."

I was shocked to learn that my self confidence shot straight through the roof.

I was shocked to learn that my hair, or the lack thereof, did not define me. 

I was shocked to learn that I was happier without it.

I also had a huge plan of losing the system, getting a tan on vacation, etc.  I discussed it with my wife.  She was on board.  I talked to my kids - age 10 & 14.  I had a plan.  I was ready.  Then my 10 year old said "Dad, why don't you just go Friday to the barber, cut what's left and go to work on Monday."  Sounded like a great idea and that is what I did.  Even took him with me.

We still laugh about my elaborate plan to go SLY and how a 10 year old was smarter dear ol' dad and had a better plan.

I realize this is a long post but want you guys to know I understand where you are.  These guys on here were WONDERFUL help to me.  They gave me the same advice they are giving you.

TRUST ME - JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very powerful, Tyler. Thanx! O0

Good for him, good for you T.

Paul the Headblader:
Nice-y :)

I'm so glad I never deluded myself with rugs plugs or drugs.  Always a good reminder.


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