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Poll: I'm Sly and I have a Beard / I'm Sly and so is my Face

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By hairy face I mean full bear, partial beard, goatee, or mustache.

If so. did you have facial hair before going Sly, or did you grow it afterwards?

Sly for a bit over a year, but have had facial hair in some form or other (no less than a goatee) for nearly 16 years

My upper lip hasn't seen the light of day since Basic Training in 1977. My chin has been mostly hidden since I left the military over two decades ago, but I'll occasionally do a biker 'stach and let the chin pop out.

I've been bearded since I was 20 years old (I'm 24 now). The first few times I went sly I short term sported a beard butm ostly sported a goatee.I'm msot comfortable bearded so I'm in the process of growing my beard back and rocking the bald and bearded look

Wore a goatee before going Sly.  Did the shaved head with goatee look, off and on, for about 5 years.  Been bald and fully bearded pretty much for the last two years.  This is my first summer with the full beard.  I thought I would feel too hot, but I don't notice it at all.


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