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The Head Rub!

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One of the best advantages of being bald is the random head rub.  I never realized how much women love rubbing their hand over a bald man's head until I started shaving.  There's been several times that I've been sitting in a bar with my buddies and had a chica rub my head in passing.  Just makes you want to grin  ;D

i had this very thing happen to me this weekend!  i was at a coffee shop and a girl that i was semi-acquainted with reached over and gave my noggin a rub-down.  good times :-)

Oh yeah, the bald head rub. . . not only just by women, but even by men. Seems guys are even intrigued by a bald dome. Always puts a big ol' smile on my face.  ;D

The Head Rub of Yeah...... Love it Love it...... When I was Single and a Bar bum lol I used to get free drinks... people asked if they could rub my head , so i would joke and say you have to buy me a drink first, most people did!!! it was cool sh** !!   I also had a drunk come up to me on the dance floor and lick my sweaty head!!!!!!!!

Um, strippers and my shaved dome is a combo made in heaven. that is all i will say


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