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How good are Double Edge razors?

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I know this may have been posted on this forum before but I have recently noticed a comment from a while back about a double edge razor and how great it is to shave with.  Are there others out there who use this type of razor and like the shave they get?  Please let me know your different reviews on it.  Thanks.

I just checked out a web site that Tyler had shown me on another post called classicshaving.com They had some nice double edge razors on the site.  The main brand name on that site was "Murkur."  Is this a very good quality safety/double edge razor?  I'm thinking of buying one to try it. 

I'm interested in trying out a DE too, anyone know a good beginner razor to get?.

Actually it was finding this guys vids on youtube that got me interested.


Check out the 3 part wet shaving series.

I had one when i was a kid, 15-19 and it hurt so much, always had razor rash, Tried shaving with it last week... still hurt.

Tell you the truth, how would they compare to a Straight Razor Shave?  Or a Safty Razor Shave?  ???  Interesting Question


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