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My niece has a passion for singing and is also physically disabled (you'll see in the video).   My sister posted a video of Nicki singing for the school talent show on youtube --> http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=JJNMRoller#p/u/0/B8ogsVQ6QNY and watches the number of views constantly.   I know that several of us have posted messages about boosting confidence.   Nicki's confidence goes through the roof when she sees her view count go up.   If you have a second to click over and help raise the number of views on her video I would be forever grateful.   She's a very special girl.

Thank you in advance!


I watched it Todd. What a beautiful child. The video made my morning.

Check it out guys!

Done!  O0

Guys, I've added the video to Todd's post and you can watch it from here and it will still increase the count!  Let's see if we can help her hit 500 views soon!

Watched both of her videos, and she has a wonderful voice  ;D O0


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