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Yeti's next tattoo

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Sitting at the shop, contemplating my next tattoo. Who knows if I'll get inked for the zillionth time today. hehehe Concert tonight, then cya all in the later evening. Stay shiny, your bro Yeti.

p.s. Shaved my goatee today, first time in years... lol why do I always do it once every great while. I always hate it. hehe It was getting quite long. Maybe grow a beard for Iowa Winter..? hehe L8r buds... All my best, ~Yeti

Do you have room for more ink? lol I want to get one on my chest in Irish Ruin for my best friend that passed in 1998. His little brother designed it and already has it. Then I want to put "CASH" in bold black letters on my left wrist (underside) so I can cover it with a watchband if needed. Let us know what you get and where.

BTW-Are the pics on your MySpace page your personal tats? That's some wicked art.

Yeti, with so many tattoos on your body real estate values on your skin must have risen to astronomic heights.
So you should choose your next tattoo carefully ("what" and "where"). And there must be a committee with a board
of directors to discuss the matter in lenght, consider various sites, compatibility with nearby tattoos etc. 
What did have in mind (ie what kind of tattoo)?

By the way, now that you've shaved off your goatee, post a new picture, will you? I'm curious...

PS: I am contemplating getting a tattoo as well. But I'm still undecided (it's permanent, it can be expensive etc.)...

 I am definitely running out of area for ink thats for sure! hehe Only one decent sized area left would be my right thigh. Everything else is pretty much inked, well and my head, as I stated I don't plan on being the next Bam Bam Bigalo(sp?). hehe Luckily for me, since I live in an area with many highly specialized artists, I have a body full of customized art, no flash here. The pictures on my MySpace are, of course, mine, I am friends with the boys in Slipknot IRL. We are all Iowa born/raised down to earth good ole boys. There might still be a pic or 2 in my pics section of various tats. I was posting on the front page with new ink, but with the limited pic space in that section... I didn't wanna look vain about my art. hehe I have much more than 150 hrs under the gun and over 60 tattoos (many connected right arm fully sleeved and left upper arm sleeve begun). I ended up not getting any ink the other day, but I am tomorrow, Wed @ 3, so I will post a pic after. As far as a pic without my gote..... hrmmm I will think about it, lol I HATE my chin lmao...   ;)

Sweet!!! I always like checkin out new art. Only thing really standing in my way right now is money, or I'd have new ink and then some.


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