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Anybody here shave their face with a straight razor?


Yes I do.  It is worth the time and the one time cost to buy the stuff.  I would suggest a feather razor because it is a replaceable blade.  I CAN NOT get this close of a shave using a normal blade.  Plus it becomes a "man" thing to do.  It is a special treat for not only your self but for your significant other too.  Just remember slow is fast.  I would start with a DE or double edge or saftey razor with Crystal blades (red pack) first then work into a straight razor.

I'd really like to be able to shave with a straight razor but the thought of doing it terrifies me.

I normally shave with a DE, but I whip out my DOVO straight when I have some extra time.

Sam, how do you like those disposable blades? I might use my straight more often if I didn't have to strop for 5 min before even thinking about shaving

The Freak with a straight razor....not a good idea :o


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