Author Topic: If you could give any advice to someone who is balding or thinking of shaving...  (Read 145498 times)

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Just do it!

For me, I decided to shave it instantly, while I was shaving me face. I was thinking about for months, and in a moment, I just did it.

In hindsight though: I always had short buzzed hair, the last weeks before shaving I went to clip it without guards.

So, if you are doubting to shave it totally, try to keep it really short with clippers first so you can adjust to the look. (Also environment, but it's more important how you feel about it). Then after awhile, when you decide to shave, the "shock" isn't so big. Some co-workers of mine didn't even respond on my switch from the closest clipping to shaving.

I have to admit that I'm also lucky, almost every person I've met said I have the head to go bald. That is just my luck. I always have something bad happen, to realize I'm lucky with something else. (hair loss at 21 --> a head that looks good bald)

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If youre thinking about it, just do it. Keep it shaved for at least a couple weeks before you decide if you like it or not, and if you do decide its not the look for you (doubt you will, i had my strong doubts personally, but cant imagine ever going back to having hair now, only 1.5 months in), well itll grow back within just a few weeks anyway
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Probably one of the best questions asked on this forum. I wasted years of my life covering up my baldness when the end result is the same. If you are constantly worried what other people think rather than what you think then you will waste time and money on rogaine ,propecia and surfing the hair restoration network. Nobody likes going bald especially young ,It destroyed my confidence almost to zero.I almost cut myself off from  the world and said nobody will want me.It was a crap poor me attitude.The truth is nobody really cares and those that do feck um .I have been shaving my head for four years now and i accept who i am .It beats shaking hair fiber on my head .We all deal with it differently some men own it others spend years fighting it .Its up to the individual which route to take.My advice is shave and feck what anyone else things .Life is too short enjoy life and don't waste years like i did. 
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Hi everyone!
I haven't been on the site much in recent times BUT it made a huge difference to me when considering shaving my head. Like so many people I tortured myself worrying over taking the clippers to hand and removing what was left of my hair.

Growing up I was teased constantly over the shape of my head (more the fact I always have  had a high hairline so it made my head look bigger than it was). So I had 'baggage' and I spent many an evening scraping back my hair and trying to view my head shape from every possible angle. What kind of an Alien would I look like??

Well, guess what? The moment came and as soon as my hair was shaved down (Grade 2 to begin with) the anxiety and worry fell away with each hair follicle. It was quite overwhelming what a release it was to be free from painful self-judgement. I wish I'd done it years and years ago...

I now walk around with a quarter grade and have never felt more positive about my appearance and the distinct look I feel it has added. I'm also rocking a solid beard which, frankly, is way more fun than doing anything with head hair. I've more oils and balms for my beard than I ever had gel, wax, etc. for my head hair.

So, if you're someone like me who has endured teasing and anxiety over hair loss, head shape, or both, then please know that there are many of us out there standing shoulder to shoulder with you, whatever you decide is best for your heads future. My thoughts? Go for it!! It might just be the new start you need.

Many thanks to all on the forum and I wish you all happiness with your Sly futures!

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I say own it... either way you will have too! leave the comb over or the clown look and people will know you are bald. Shave it and people will know but they will respect the effort you put into it!!!

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Nyoxios, I would have to agree there. When I thought it was all storms and misery that my hair was thinning, I just decided to go skin tight bald. My family said I had a great head for it right from the start, and I've never looked back since.

If I could give anyone advice I would say to remember who YOU are. No one else can define you, and you really shouldn't try to define yourself by the less significant things in life. Hair, clothes, shoes, money, jewelry, house, car, none of it matters enough to alter who you are as a person. Be confident in yourself, in your abilities, in your personality.

The biggest advice I can offer is to believe for yourself that you do like being bald. Whats not to like? Its your same head, but without the fluff of hair covering it. You are showing an air of confidence and strength, daring and willingness. Like it for yourself, and everyone else will notice. If you love yourself, others will too.

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If you have a good,strong and healthy hair just leave it be, or if your hair starts falling and losing faith to your scalp/head then go for it.!! Everybody needs a significant change from their lifestyle, hobbies, job, love life, and even fashion. I cannot associate baldy head into fashion but itís a great move to see changes in your looks. You might find the love of your life if you're still single, cozí some girls are attracted to a bald head guy, while others are attracted to a long haired guy. As an advice I would go for it nothingís bad on what you are planning into your head, plus itís your life who cares about that. Just Ignore the first impression of the people around you, one day they will get used to it too. And another friendly reminder for you Tyler, when you got bald, never forget to apply proper shampoo and brush your hair gently. (Just kidding) :)
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