Author Topic: Plus sides and down sides after 11 days...  (Read 2780 times)

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Plus sides and down sides after 11 days...
« on: September 13, 2016, 03:34:55 AM »
So i went sly on September 1st and absoslutly loving it. I was thinning out so beat nature to it and I think 'thinning' looks like you are losing a battle - i dont like losing!!

So in short i thought I'd do a short like of the ups and downs of being bald while its still all new... be nice to hear your thoughts on the list:

Plus Sides
- Swimming. Feeling the cool pool water flow over my head is awsome.
- Showering. See above.
- The wind. Feels great having the breeze flow over. Espcially on a hot day its great for keeping cool.
- Respect. Alreadying finding im getting things from people who may have previously made more of a stand.
- The recipricol look from other shavers. You know the ones that are also losing the fight so took it there is that sort of meeting of eyes that says 'well played buddy - looks great' without sayong a word! Lol
- Feel of a cold pillow in an air conditioned room. So soothing and relaxing after a long hot day.
- Confidance. Having been very concious of my hair, for years i feel i walk out the front door with my head held high.
- No styling. Using wax and gel to create styles i didnt even like just to cover my bald bits is done!
- Renewed me. Feel like a new man. Feel motivated to diet, feel more energetic but more importantly i feel like me!
- Good excuse to start buying caps again. Used to love caps but now i have a reasom to start picking them up. Off to the sun on holiday in a couple of weeks so will be needing them!!!
- Sure there are lots more I cant think off right now!!

Down Sides (A very short list!)
- Cold. Its true, you do feel cold alot more powerfully on a chilly morning. Deffo have the wolly hat our earlier this year!
- Shaving. As much as i enjoy the shave, it would be nice if it lasted more than 24 hours!

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Re: Plus sides and down sides after 11 days...
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2016, 12:22:55 AM »
You get used to the cold trust me.... guess you can say you get used to the shave also haha. I shave my head and face faster than I used to shave just my face now  O0


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