Author Topic: Use beard balm on your scalp  (Read 2175 times)

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Use beard balm on your scalp
« on: February 24, 2016, 01:16:54 AM »
As I mentioned in another thread I started making my own beard balm because it is so stupid easy and cheap to make on your own.  In doing so I read up on the ingredients, and for mine that is Shea butter, vitamin e capsules, jojoba oil, and caster oil.  When researching a lot of this stuff is supposed to be good for the skin, and since I have a lot, i've gotten in the habit of rubbing it over my scalp, forehead, and other non-hairy parts of my head as well as my beard after a shower and in the morning.

I've gotta say, wow, there's a difference.  My temples have had clusters of acne or inflammation for years and that is virtually gone, and I looked at my scalp closer tonight and it looks very clear compared to before.

So if you are using beard balm give this a try.  It does make the scalp greasier depending on how overboard you go but give it a try.

Now some of the claims you'll see online are BS. For example castor oil is claimed on a number of sites to simulate the growth of new hair, it is so amazing that you'll supposedly see results faster than hair can actual grow lol.  I have puny eye brows so I was curious if I'd see any results and if course there was no change, but skin does seem to like the ingredients of beard balm.  Sometimes I'll just use some oil on its own.

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Re: Use beard balm on your scalp
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2017, 08:04:35 AM »
Can you share the recipe you are using as in how much of each ingredient?
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