Author Topic: Fantastic NEW Head Scrub/BodyWash Product(s) From The SOFTSOAP Product Company  (Read 1231 times)

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I was in CVS last week and noticed that SOFTSOAP has added a new bodywash product to their PREMIUM COLLECTION line. The one product that I found within this line that doubles as an EXCELLENT head scrub/wash is the COCONUT SCRUB. Add a dab of this product to your favorite shave cream/gel, rub it into your scalp, then shave as you normally would.

You'll end up with a super smooth, extremly close shave, yet non-greasy, glowing dome of steel that feels as good as it looks.   O0

Check out the entire line here:

Excerpt from website: "...Crushed coconut meets jojoba butter extracts to create a luscious body polish. Special exfoliating formula is gentle enough for daily smoothing. An intense tropical scent recalls the cool waves and warm sands of lazy summer days..."

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