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Full List of Blades to use with HeadBlade?

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Ok, I know this has probably been answered, but is there any way we can get a full list of which blades are compatible with the 2 different HB adaptors?

Tom McGarry.:
I'm not sure about a full list, but I know the "Sensor" adaptor will fit all of the Gillette Sensor blades of course, as well as here in canada the Shoppers Drug Mart's " Life" brand and the Shick extreme 3. Oh and ther is also the Persona blades that as well. I think that Persona is sold in the U.S.

This might help: http://reviews.ebay.co.uk/HeadBlade-Razor-Blades-amp-Adaptors_W0QQugidZ10000000002756289

My suggestion would be to contact Head Blade. They aim to please and I'm pretty sure you'd get some kind of answer in no time at all.

Here's as full of list as I know:

Yellow Adapter:

HeadBlade Double and Triple blades
Gillette Atra Blades and Atra Plus (USA)
Any blade that says they are compatible with Gillette Atra razors.

Black Adapter:

Gillette Sensor and Sensor Excel
Gillette Sensor Triple blades
Persona Double and Triple blades
Any blade that is compatible with Gillette Sensor razors

Here's something I found to help a little more:

--- Quote ---Gillette Atra, Contour, Vector - The blade clips onto the handle at two points and pivots up and down, which is supposed to make the blade follow the curves of your skin better than the Trac II and earlier razors. The Vector may be the only one still being made. It's almost identical to the later Atra and Contour that used a plastic handle rather than a metal one. I think the word "Plus" in the Vector means something different from other Gillette razors. Instead of referring to the lubrication strip, it refers to a push mechanism in the cartridge that cleans out the hair between the two blades.

Other brands that fit - Personna Auto, Personna Duofit, Schick Super II, Schick Slim Twin (the cartridge is thinner, but should still fit; this is not the current disposable Slim Twin razor), Schick Ultra Plus, Wilkinson Contact Plus, Wilkinson Profile, Old Spice High Endurance (triple blade), Noxzema Triple Blade, Headblade, Merkur.

Note that some blades are made to fit both Atra and Trac II type razors. On some pivoting razors, this kind of blade may not pivot as much as a blade without Trac II fittings.

UPDATE - Compatibility isn't exact with the Schick Slim Twin. I've had success using the Slim Twin cartridge in more than one pivoting razor, but other people have reported problems.

Gillette Sensor, Sensor Excel, Sensor 3 - Newer than the Atra, with somewhat different pivoting of the blade and the added feature of each blade in the cartridge flexing individually. The Sensor 3 uses a triple blade, but it fits the same. American Safety Razor also makes compatible handles and triple and twin blades.

Other brands that fit - Acti-Flexx (twin blade), Tri-Flexx (triple blade) - both of these will also be labeled "Personna" or have a store brand name.
--- End quote ---


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